Technical Support – Service MBC Department

Unlimited period

Major Duties:

  •  Technical support of the service network, in order to diagnose and repair defects which occur on the passenger cars, service provided remotely as well as on-site, as needed.
  •  Mobility required
  •  Keeps permanent connection to the tech. departments in GSP + other entities of the manufacturer Daimler, in order to solve more problematic cases.
  •  Participates actively and directly at technical conferences / workshops / project hand-overs organised by the manufacturer.
  •  Identifies and signals to the manufacturer product reliability issues unveiled in the market.
  •  Provides support on technical issues for expertise work performed by internal or third-party experts in legal matters.
  •  Provides technical support on passenger car issues for other departments inside MBRo or Daimler, as required (warranty; marketing, sales + assistance for technical support on spot provided directly by the manufacturer)
  •  Receives and distributes, as needed, technical information bulletins (STIP) from headquarters.
  •  Periodically performs information trainings on current technical issues for the dealers.
  •  Provides support + coaching on using the communication platform for technical issues (e.g. Xentry Tips)
  •  Performs short coaching on-spot as needed or considered suitable, according to the knowledge level of the technicians in the workshops.

Required knowledge:


Training and qualification

  •  University (Engineering Degree Automotive / Mechatronics)
  •  Additional trainings performed by automotive manufacturers, parts suppliers, workshop equipment suppliers and authorities as advantage.
  •  Didactic qualification as advantage.

Technical knowledge

  •  Automotive – development, manufacturing and testing,
  •  Automotive – repair and maintenance technology
  •  Usage of workshop equipment on presentation level.
  •  Background in electrical, electronic and automatization equipment as advantage.
  •  Background in chemistry, fuel and lubrication technology as advantage.

Soft skills/individual competence

  •  Language: German (advanced – automotive / technical oriented), English (medium – automotive / technical oriented)
  •  Language translation skills as advantage.
  •  Driver licence – B and C at least 5 years’ experience, driving abilities high enough in order to perform coherent test drives, good road safety record.
  •  Computer skills: MS Office
  •  Efficient communication skills, ability for explaining and presenting technical issues in a concise, univocal and adaptable manner.

Required experience/ skills:


  •  At least 5 years in the automotive operations, repair, development or manufacturing business

Skills required:

  •  Very organized person, with attention to details, logical thinking and analytical skills
  •  Very good communication and interpersonal skills
  •  Ability to work productively and maintain effective relationship in multicultural teams
  •  Pro-active attitude and good problem solving skills