Data Analyst – Product MBC Department

Unlimited period

Job mission:

Major Duties:

  •  Processes market and registrations data for worldwide countries in Mapis system (Headquarter system);
  •  Processes raw data files, matches raw data to Daimler master data, identifies and corrects errors;
  •  Ensures reliable data quality by performing plausibility checks and other necessary verifications;
  •  Transfers the data to the Mapis system and all other interfaces;
  •  Creates new master sets on the Mapis-database and makes analysis of new models including technical information;
  •  Ensures that permanent accurate and reliable data are available for Mapis and all interfaces;
  •  Ensures support in case of questions or mistakes for all Mapis users, provides them relevant information and if needed ensures correction of the data;

Required knowledge:


Training and qualification

  •  University degree, preferable sciences profile (Informatics, Mathematics, Engineering, Finance, Economics, etc.)
  •  Technical knowledge
  •  Very good computer skills and database knowledge
  •  Highly proficient in written and spoken English
  •  Excellent analytical skills including mathematics and statistics

Required experience/ skills:


  •  Min 1-2 years on a similar position

Skills required:

Soft skills/individual competence

  •  Very organized person, with attention to details, logical thinking and analytical skills
  •  Very good communication and interpersonal skills
  •  Ability to work productively and maintain effective relationship in multicultural teams
  •  Pro-active attitude and good problem solving skills